Posted by babi on 6 settembre 2010 21 Comments
Posted by babi   @   6 settembre 2010 21 comments

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Horvath scrive:

Bellissimo CarbonOrange v2! Ottimo update, sempre fantastici i tuoi lavori carissima!!!

toni scrive:

atmosphere have bug, fix please!

babi scrive:

@ toni : bug fixed ;)

@ Horvath: Grassieeeeeeeeeee :blink2:

asoutiyal scrive:

nice updates, i really love them all.. can you please release a carbonblack version, coz i am really not liking orange color..

toni scrive:

wow,thanks thanks thanks…

dhanusaud scrive:

wow wow wow
great themes with an update.
I love it.

thanks for and update babi. :)

Jaycee scrive:

please make for s60v3 toO pls

pooy@ scrive:

hi darling!
nice work these are! i love you

Aza scrive:

Thank you 4 your themes they are by far the best I’ve come across

babi scrive:

thanks to you all :thanks:

Sima scrive:


Three v2, has 2 bugs on E71.
When you type a number, or when you call sommeone.

MESLEH scrive:

really i want to thank you soooooo much babi .. thanks for the updats .. do you know that since years i dont use any themes .. just babi thems and i wait every new theme to use it in my mobile ” n97 mini ” i dont like any themes just yours so … from all my heart thank you .

babi scrive:

@ sima: this themes are for 5th edition not for 3rd or eSeries … that’s the reason you see bugs on your phone ;)

@ MESLEH: I really want to thank you too :thanks:

Sima scrive:

@babi , i know that, but usually your themes match other telephones :D..

Hope you will make a S60 V3 version :D..because It looks verry good on my phone :right:

Taieb scrive:

Great new updates Babi ;-) Keep it up!

Jaycee scrive:

Wah! I really really want, the atmospherev3 on my s60v3

Manu scrive:

Please create Three v2 for 3rd edition..

Kujtim scrive:

hi Manu,
Three V2 5th works with 3rd ed. as well. just install it!

Ahmadjan scrive:

i am ahmad
i love BABIjan
theme WindjamerV2_by_babi -> for 5th

Ahmadjan scrive:

WindjamerV2_by_babi for 5th

Hebbe scrive:

Dear Ms. Babi,

there’s one wish from me to you, could you create the Ultimate Update? This is my favourite Theme forever! :LOVE:

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