LOZENGED (free download & walls)

Posted by babi on 8 agosto 2010 36 Comments
Posted by babi   @   8 agosto 2010 36 comments

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corinto scrive:

hola babi complimenti altro capolavoro yahoo lo stavo aspettando :okk: grazie per il lavoro che fai per tutti noi ciao :hallo: :bravo:

prashanth scrive:

cheers babi……….beautiful theme you’re a theme master…………….i love your depth theme……….but the text colour white in messaging is too bright and is in contrast with backgound colour…….i’m not able to type or read properly…….can u please create in black

piciar scrive:

agosto Amore mio non ti conosco
Kiss :right:

DanieL scrive:

its like discrimination – no s60v3 no ES only 5th… its like you fancy asian people but no afro american nor indian :/ i recomand making themes for all versions not only one… would be nice :right:

babi scrive:

thanks to you all :thanks:

@piciar: buone ferire tesoro :diss:

@daniel: The problem is that I do not have time for all versions … and even a phone to test themes for 3rd … I had to choose whether to stop entirely to make theme or make them only for to 5th…

114996 scrive:

thank you babi :right:

decimo scrive:

Most 5th edition themes are also compatible with 3rd edition, you just have to try it yourselves. I downloaded a couple of 5th ed themes here namely italia and dark glamour, and it worked perfectly on 3rd ed handsets. Said themes are great btw. And the babi icons are the best for me now. It looks like metal keychains. So cute. As with this one, how i wish you could make a white version, with the shade of blue in italia as the 2nd dominant color for scroll bars, bottom bars, selection indicators, whatever you call that, Gray is nice too… But not for texts… Arghhh i think anything would do as long as it is white, dirty gray white in particular… I want a great white theme now, for some reason very few of those white themes available around the net really caught my eye… I’m looking for a theme i can’t exactly describe… And i believe that theme could come from you, because looking at this theme of yours makes me say ‘yeah! This is it! It just have to be white!!! XD’. Waiting for that time to come.

I’m demanding, you could ignore what i said. “This is perfect, i tried it, and it works like a charm. Great theme babi” was all i needed to say, and what i originally intended to. XD

babi scrive:

wow .. thank you decimo :thanks:
I love too white or light themes ;) but it’s not so easy make them … I will try ;)

DanieL scrive:

@decimo , babi

well, i try before i talk so for me is not working. dark glam too, but all before these 2 do work. or to be precise – i cant see numbers when dialing. and just out of the curiosity wanna ask why is it for some themes i can and for some i cant see those numbers. im not mad im just sad ..and i respect and appreciate your time babi, but if only 2% of satisfying all nokia users isnt done ,why not doing it? :ind: stil – you remain the best.

babi scrive:

@Daniel : this themes works on some fp2 phone (but with some bugs).
I deleted many elements that are not displayed on 5th so themes are less heavy … I know that many users has still a 3rd editon, I’ve done over 300 themes for all in this these four years but now for me it would be too much work to do all versions (without being able to test them)
Now I have very little time for themes, this is not my work is just a hobby :blink:

bebe scrive:

babi, u rily have nice themes! i always visit ur website, themes of urs is what i usually use… can u do me a favor? pls make a theme colored blue wit a touch of gray or vice versa,if u hav tym? thanks babi… ur the best theme maker… =)

Horvath scrive:

Aspettavo giusto giusto un tuo capolavoro da inserire nel mio CFW nuovo..
Ed eccolo qui yahoo . Lo provo subito, ma dagli scree sembra fighissimo.
Grazie mitica!!! yahoo

Evrongun scrive:

Tornato dalle ferie… :angry:

Ma almeno mi posso confortare coi tuoi capolavori, questo “Alveare tecno” è davvero bello, mi piacciono anche le trasparenze..perfette!

Complimenti anche per la selezione di walls abbinate, molto d’impatto ;)

Se non ci fosse babi….. :abb:



babi scrive:

Assie Evro :blush: spero siano andate bene le ferie :)

@Horvath : grazie a te ;)

Evrongun scrive:

Diciamo che preferisco commentare i tuoi temi piuttosto che le mie ferie..altrimenti saresti costretta a bannarmi per turpiloquio…eheh..

RomanFromRussia scrive:

Very nice! :urra:

kh5j scrive:

wow ….thank you babi
thanks thanks thanks
thanks thanks

Alezandri scrive:

Molto bello il mio N85
Perfetto e grazie :)

Suggerimento: Ho cambiato lo sfondo. Nella parte principali applicato il wallpaper ipad, e nella parte inferiore wallpaper ipad formato sfocata. Darkened sfondi per renderli leggibili con i caratteri in bianco.

yash scrive:


Horvath scrive:

Mi sbagliavo… Gli screen non rendono giustizia a questo temone, davvero spettacolare (bellissima l’icona Conversazioni)! Rende incredibilmente bene con la home BlueSpectrum in flash!

Bravissima!!!! :good: :good: :good:

gaurav46 scrive:

too bad you are ignoring s60 v3 handsets :angry:
there are lot of people that still have v3 handsets and cant use your beautiful themes
there is only 1 bug (cant see callers name) which reneders the theme useless on v3 fones
its heartbreaking :suicide:

Md Sr Aslam scrive:

good your theme but many theme as same icon. i’m not use your theme for poor icon. :LOVE:

Farookh scrive:

Another perfect theme! Please, i know, everyone want it, is it possible to make just one change in this theme? Because if you want to use this theme on s60v3 (E66), there´s only one problem, and it´s color of number by typing them…please…

babi scrive:

@ Farookh : I know it … I have delete many 3rd edition component to make sis file more light for 5th … I make theme only for 5th now , as I wrote I have no time for all phone now .. sorry

@ Md Sr Aslam: no problem for me if you use other themes :lol2:

TheShadow scrive:

Fantastic theme Miss Babi :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

chrissherry scrive:


indra scrive:

for those who cant appreciate somebody’s hardwork,shouldn’t post any comment.babi,its great work,keep it up…

SleazyCriss scrive:

Posso utilizzare questo tema in un CFW? Ovviamente nelle note di rilascio sarà segnalato che il tema è tuo!

babi scrive:

thank you indra :thanks:

@ SleazyCriss: certo che puoi usarlo ;) .. nessun problema :right:

SleazyCriss scrive:

ok grazie mille!

marco scrive:

baby dove sei finita e troppo che non pubblichi un tema non puoi lasciarci cosi tanto senza un tuo tema sei troppo troppo brava, non sarai ancora in ferie non arrabiarti scherzo pero non lasciarci cosi tanto dai

babi scrive:

Ancora in ferie??? Magari :cry:
Putroppo lavoro .. e lavoro troppo :(
Diciamo che sto in pausa di riflessione per il momento :uns:

leo821 scrive:

It’s a long time since your last work, we are waiting for your new theme.

marco scrive:

ti capisco io addirittura ferie zero, va be e’ la vita c e’ chi puo’ e chi no auguroni comunque sei tra le migliori in fatto di temi, e’ anni che li uso da quando avevo l’enne 70 complimentoni ciao ciao scusa il disturbo

pooy@ scrive:

hi sweatheart.
your themes as great as you papa

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